Focus on the Palmetto State

August 2018 at 9:30 am

In our first segment, we spoke with David White, Founder and CEO of Fostering Great Ideas. Even though David was never a foster child himself, he developed a great empathy for these kids. He was determined to start an organization that could improve the experience for every child in the foster care system. Knowing that losses multiply, and stress amplifies the longer a child stays in care, their goal is to provide support throughout the foster care journey, ultimately resulting in lives back on track. Their mission is simple – be dedicated to improving the lives of children as they struggle in foster care. All children in foster care feel valued and cared for during this time of stress and uncertainty.

In our next segment, Jed Dews, the Executive Director of Pendleton Place explains the role his organization plays in the foster care system. Pendleton Place has been around since 1975 and has helped thousands of children grow out of the foster care system into productive, well-adjusted young adults. They offer many programs and services and are always looking for volunteers to provide a little help for these precious young people

In our last segment, we met Bruce Jordan and his emotional support animal Boo Boo, the rabbit. We learned about the role that emotional support animals play in the lives of many people across South Carolina. Bruce explained the difference between a Service Animal and an Emotional Support Animal. A service animal actually aids people with specific disabilities and requires special training, but an ESA helps people with loneliness and depression and requires no special training. Bruce hopes to raise awareness of therapeutic animals for those who would benefit from such emotional comfort.