Focus on the Palmetto State

August 2017 at 9:30 am

In our first segment, we spoke with Eleanor Vaughn with Greenville Literacy Association. According to a study conducted by the National Institute for Literacy, 12% of the adults in Greenville County function on the two lowest literacy levels. In addition, many individuals among the large immigrant population in Greenville need to improve their English proficiency to function successfully not only in the job market, but with needs of daily life, including medical care and grocery shopping. The Greenville Literacy Association provides programs to address these problems. The learning centers offer Adult Basic Education, Pre-GED, and English as a Second Language instruction. They are holding their annual fundraiser in August called The Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap Book Sale which is always a fun community event.

In our next segment, we spoke with Brittney Brackett, Executive Director of Outstanding Youth Awards. This non-profit is looking for outstanding young people who excel in such categories as Entrepreneur of the Year, Scholar, Volunteer, Entertainer and others so they can recognize their outstanding efforts. This is only the third year of this event but last year was a big success and they hope this year will be as well.

Next up we spoke with Chelsy Huston of the Nurse-Family Partnership. This health program transforms lives of vulnerable first-time mothers living in poverty by improving prenatal care and partnering them with registered nurses. The convenient at-home support will occur during the pregnancy and after the baby arrives. This service is at no cost to the mother. We gave contact information to get the help you may need.

In our last segment, we caught up with Ron Demonet, the founder of Veteran Scholarships Forever. This local non-profit helps vets transition back to civilian life as soon as possible. They do this by providing scholarship money to veterans who want to go to college. Sometimes it’s hard to translate some of their military experience into skill sets that the local businesses want and so it’s important they can go to one of the many excellent technical colleges we have in South Carolina to get certification and job training.