Focus on the Palmetto State

March 2017 at 9:30 am

Our first segment features Dr. Elliot Hirshorn who has started a foundation called Sgt. Zach’s Freedom Foundation to honor his late brother. His brother suffered with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after serving several tours with the Air Force and Army. He sought help with the VA but did not get the improvements with his symptoms that he needed. He eventually took his own life leaving behind a grieving wife and small children. Dr. Hirshorn is making it his mission to help veterans suffering with PTSD to get the help they need to overcome this battle.

Our next segment includes an interview with Don Weaver, President of the South Carolina Association of Taxpayers. This non-profit organization has been around since 1982 to lobby for lower taxes and to make sure government spends the money they do tax wisely. They are not against taxation at all, they just want to make sure our tax money is spent efficiently. They believe a watchdog organization looking over the backs of politicians is a good thing.

In our last segment we met Scott Stephens with Generations Group. This is an organization committed to helping boys who have suffered from sexual abuse. The boys who live there go through intensive treatment and behavioral management to put an end to the cycle of abuse. For over 25 years they have helped over 900 boys become healthy and productive members of society all over the state of South Carolina. These boys go to school on the campus every day, have therapy sessions, learn how to live peacefully with others. They have a successful record of helping these boys and the court system prefer to have them there than in the juvenile jail system.