Health Alert: Consuming Placenta


ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- Small businesses have developed locally to help new moms complete the process of consuming their own placentas after giving birth.

Christine Robinson and her sister, who are part of Doulas of Asheville, help make it happen in clients' kitchens so women can eat their nutrient-rich afterbirth.

"Through encapsulation, what we do is we take your placenta from the organ that you deliver following your child's birth," Robinson said. "We steam it; we dehydrate it; we grind it into capsules so they just look like a vitamin you would find in a store."

When all is said and done, a typical placenta yields between 75 and 200 capsules.

"Once I started taking them, the main thing I noticed was more energy," parent Mary Beth Huwe said.

Huwe has no regrets and neither do an increasing number of women who after consuming their placentas report a better milk supply and reduced postpartum depression.