Health Alert: Crossroads Program


ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- Some patients want to be at home, regardless of their diagnosis.

Yet, many want to continue receiving treatment, realizing it may not work.

A sudden diagnosis of Lymphoma left 78-year-old Norbert Irvine between acute and end-of-life care.

Crossroads through CarePartners provided specialized home healthcare for Norbert and and education for his wife Lisa.

"They know who to call for an emergency, where to get supplies, how to do technical care and how to administer the medications," home health nurse Marybeth Moscinski said.

"You had to be on it and you had to be on it 24/7 so it was a crazy ride," Lisa said.

A ride that allowed Norbert to die comfortably at home surrounded by family, friends and his creativity.

"I got to watch him take his last breath, say goodbye, gave him a kiss and it was done," Lisa said. "This beautiful loving, seamless act."

This was all possible because Crossroads provided the right direction at the right time.

For more information about Crossroads, call 828-277-4722.