Health Alert: Mission's Central Logistics Center


ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- A new central logistics center is helping to eliminate red tape and patient waiting for Mission Health.

"It's kind of a mini command center," Karen Grogan, registered nurse for the Central Logistics Center at Mission, said.

"We have patients coming into the hospital through the emergency room, the operating room, through the region, and we really want to make it happen efficiently," Grogan added.

Everything in the command center happens in real time, offering statistics about capacity and average patient stay times.

Dr. Alex Schneider, a neurologist at Mission, said this leads to faster treatment and better coordination for all the services needed.

"Usually, for the kinds of problems that people need to be transferred to a medical center like ours, time is what makes the difference," Dr. John Watford, Mission Hospitalist, said. "If we can get that plan rolling better off the bat, the patient will do better."

Officials at Mission said the command center is becoming a model for other hospitals to emulate.