Health Alert: Otago


ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- A physical therapy program called Otago is helping patients at CarePartners PACE get back on their feet.

"What Otago has allowed us to do is to get a get a group of people together every day and do very legitimate exercise for strengthening and balance and keep a lot of people going," Eli Day, physical therapist at CarePartners PACE, said.

76-year-old stroke patient Richard Champlin worked one-on-one with his therapist. While it's not easy, it pays off.

"It's got my legs moving," Champlin said.

All this effort in the gym several times a week is making him safer at home, too.

"According to some research we've used when we decided to pick up Otago, a 17 percent reduction in falls for people who use this exercise program has been validated," Day said.

That means more people like Richard can live at home longer, while avoiding assisted living centers and nursing homes for as long as possible.

To find out more about Otago, call CarePartners PACE at 828-213-8442.