Health Alert: Thyroid Health


BURNSVILLE, N.C. -- Chiropractic care at Cruz Life Center helped Tina Whitson feel better, but it proved only part of the solution for her and many others with thyroid trouble.

Most of the complaints that people come in with are with weight gain, regardless of diet, and they get lethargic.

Tina, "felt terrible all the time, all the time.... all the time."

Doctor Miguel Cruz, Chiropractor, "hormone conditions can be disrupted by the thyroid, so there are a lot of things affected by the thyroid."

The persistent problem with the endocrine gland in her neck rubbed her the wrong way, so much so Tina changed her diet with professional guidance.

Tina, "I am gluten-free, dairy free, and I don't eat sugars unless there just happen to be some in some foods I don't know about."

"We recommend a food sensitivity test to see what are the triggers for the patient."

Not only has Tina's pain subsided, but she has also lost 80 pounds in 8 months and she's no longer borderline diabetic.

Tina, "I feel like living. I have kids and I can be able to go sit at a ballgame for my son or a ballgame for my daughter. I can sit on the bleachers and not be miserable and I can stay up all day now."

All because her thyroid and overall health are in better allignment.