Asheville restaurant owner says DoorDash delivered a disgruntled customer


Christen Short, owner of The Social, said DoorDash helped deliver an awkward run-in with an angry customer Wednesday night, when he did not receive his food. (Photo cre3dit: WLOS staff)

Asheville's food scene has attracted a handful of online delivery services, but one local business said one of them claimed to be its partner without permission.

Christen Short, owner of The Social, said DoorDash helped deliver an awkward run-in with an angry customer Wednesday night.

"And it had been an hour and a half and he had not received his food yet," she said. "Told our staff that he was here to pick it up. They told him he was going to have to pay for it. He explained he already paid for it. And we have no such record of the payment, so, therefore, we ended up with a disgruntled customer."

"The issue, what seems to be going on with DoorDash is them growing, growing restaurants on their website without their knowledge," she said. "Without their agreement, really causing problems for the customer, the restaurant and for everyone involved."

News 13 reached out to DoorDash by email, but, so far, no one from the business has responded.

If you use DoorDash, or any other online delivery service for the first time, it might be safest to contact the restaurant to make sure it has partnered with the site.

Most of the time, this is a great time to be a good eater in Asheville, because if you have a hankering for food from local restaurants, online delivery services bring meals to your doorstep.

"There is a growing industry of restaurant delivery," Short said, pointing to Grubhub and UberEats, which deliver from many restaurants.

Go to DoorDash, and you'll see a lot of options, but Short questions how many are really viable.

"I would almost guarantee that there is a large percentage of these that are unaware of," she said.

Short said she received several emails from DoorDash over the past month, asking if she'd be interested in partnering.

The Social is content with its current delivery partner-- Uber Eats-- so Short ignored the emails.

When she saw The Social on the DoorDash web page, Short asked the delivery service to remove her restaurant because there was no agreement.

"They've stolen our logos, they've stolen our menus," she fumed.

Thursday morning, DoorDash took The Social off its page.