Brew News: Work For Your Beer directory now includes Asheville events

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Want to know where you can not only grab a good drink but also a good workout? Work For Your Beer just expanded its directory and events calendar to include brewery activities in Asheville.

For more than two years, Work For Your Beer has been the go-to directory of brewery (or cidery, winery, bar or bottle shop) workouts in Charlotte, N.C. In that time, hundreds of thousands of active beer-lovers have used the Work For Your Beer events calendar to find brewery workouts near them. While Asheville is widely known as a city bursting with breweries, it does not yet have as robust a selection of brewery workouts as Charlotte does.

"We didn't create the concept of brewery workouts in Charlotte — when we launched Work For Your Beer to act as a directory of all of these workouts, there were already dozens of activities in existence," said co-founder Melanie Fox. "But by working alongside the breweries that hosted these events, and by constantly checking in with our audience in attendance at these events, we learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. We want to pass that knowledge along to breweries who might not know where to begin when it comes to starting and running a weekly brewery workout so we can continue to grow this unique community of active beer-lovers in other cities."

Like many active beer-lovers in Charlotte, Fox and Valenski have visited Asheville several times to explore the brewery scene and enjoy the great outdoors. They chose Asheville as the first on their list of cities to add to the Work For Your Beer directory partly based on their own experience, and partly because members of their beer fitness community requested it repeatedly.

"We go to tons of beer festivals within a three-hour radius of Charlotte, and while we're there people will ask us, 'When are you bringing this to my city?'" said co-founder Alicia Valenski. "We heard that the most often from people in Asheville, who knew there were tons of breweries around but didn't know as much about the activities those breweries had to offer. We've also heard it from folks in Raleigh, Greenville, Charleston... Really, in every active, beer-centric city we've visited, people who learn what we do want to be able to use our website to find brewery yoga classes, run clubs, and more near them."

In the coming months, additional cities in the Southeast will be added to Work For Your Beer's directory.