Broad River shows the 'power of nature' as flood waters continue to rise

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Photo credit: WLOS Staff

Broad River water levels were alarmingly high in Bat Cave Thursday morning.

The river flowed violently at times, a dramatic sight that had some nearby residents concerned. At 12:30pm, the waterway was measured at 8.9 feet.

“This is the highest I’ve ever seen it,” said Jesse Harris, who’s lived here 15 years. “We’ll get through it, hopefully, by 12 or 1 p.m. it’ll all be gone.”

“The power of Mother Nature is just incredible, and it’s something I’ve never wanted to risk playing around with."

As the weather event unfolded, Broad River Fire & Rescue urged folks to shelter in place.

Chief Brent Hayner was frustrated that barricades are ignored by some people.

“Stay out of standing water and don’t go around the barricades. They are there for a reason,” he said. “We don’t just sit them there to sop you from going where you want to go."

The storm inundated local waterways and caused a number of road closures.

Over the Buncombe County line, emergency workers were at the scene of a mudslide in Black Mountain on Old Fort Road near Highway 9.

The mudslide blocked the road and knocked out power to residents there.

“At some point the trees came down with it and caused two devotions of power lines,” Chief Hayner said. “And we’ve got DOT and Duke Energy on their way out here.”

By early evening the the Broad River subsided a few feet, which relieved local residents.