Ever wanted to take back a Facebook message? Now you can

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Earlier this week Facebook released its new “unsend” feature. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Have you ever sent a message you wish you could take back? Well, now you can -- at least on Facebook.

Earlier this week, Facebook released an “unsend” feature for messages.

“So, the way you unsend it is you just tap (the message), hold it down and you have a new option here for 'remove,' then you just tap remove, and it asks 'remove from everyone?' and yes, we definitely want to remove it from everyone. And so you can actually just remove it. It’s as simple as that,” explained tech expert Francie Black of

News 13 spoke with many people who say the new feature could be a lifesaver.

“I think it's a great feature,” said Black. “In fact, I think it's a little bit late. They should have done it a little bit sooner."

"I wish I could have had this feature like six years ago, because it would have saved me a whole bunch of embarrassment," said Charlie Cunningham of Elon.

Others we spoke with said they're not fans.

"If you hit send, live with the result instead of backing out and unsending it," said Cameron Kawell, of Asheville.

“If you’re going to say it, you might as well say it instead of having the anxiety of thinking about taking it back after," said Hannah Mathis of Tennessee.

“Knowing that it’s going to be out there and you can’t get rid of it, I sometimes think is a deterrent from putting up really bad stuff,” said Alan Gratz of Asheville.

But here’s the thing -- if you’re going to unsend a message, you only have 10 minutes to do it.

I feel like I would be really anxious for those 10 minutes wondering if I should take it back," said Mathis.

“If I’m sending something in the heat of the moment, maybe more than 10 minutes is what I’d need,” said Joshua Ribenbark, of Asheville.

The catch? The recipient gets a notification that a message was removed, which some people say could be even worse.

“It really depends on what the message sent,” said Cunningham.

To get the new feature, you have to upgrade the Messenger app to the latest version.