Henderson County's 6 COVID-19 deaths linked to long term care facilities

Henderson County's 6 COVID-19 deaths linked to long-term care facilities
Health officials said 82 of Henderson County's 99 COVID-19 cases and all six deaths are from three long-term care facilities: Cherry Springs Assisted Living, The Laurels at Hendersonville and Brian Center Health and Rehabilitation. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

New numbers out of Henderson County show 99 cases of COVID-19.

County health officials said 82 of the cases are linked to Cherry Springs Assisted Living, The Laurels at Hendersonville and Brian Center Health and Rehabilitation. Officials said all six of the county's deaths are linked to long term care facilities, but wouldn't specify which of the facilities mentioned above.

"Alicia has made dramatic improvements, her fever went down and has stayed down," said Laura Moore about her sister Alicia Rogers.

Rogers is one of the residents who tested positive at Cherry Springs. Moore said she is recovering.

"Several times over the weekend especially when we’ve gone to see her she’s said I just want to get out," said Moore.

County health officials said the uptick in cases came from the 50 to 60 COVID-19 tests they did last week.

"The cases we’ve identified to date have not been a surprise to us it’s a very contagious disease and once it’s inside a facility it’s certainly prone to spread," said Steve Smith, the county's public health director.

The new cases are happening as new restrictions are in place for long term care facilities.

Governor Cooper's new executive order went into place at 5 on Monday evening.

All employees must now wear masks. There cannot be any group activities. All employees and residents must be screened daily.

A senior vice president for Cherry Springs said they were already doing all of that.

"We’re screening any staff that comes in for their shift, we’re also requiring that they change clothes before they enter the building, and we also have a decontamination area where they exit the building," said Sandra Korzeniewski.

There are 38 reported outbreaks at nursing homes and residential care facilities in North Carolina.

"Even if those staff members in the facility are taking precautions and protective measures to try and prevent the spread, it can really get around quite quickly," said Smith.

A representative from Brian Center Health and Rehabilitation said they have 20 positive cases and two deaths from COVID-19.

A representative from The Laurels said they haven't had any deaths from COVID-19.

Cherry Springs would not give News 13 updated numbers.