Humble Dynamite Dad finalist nurtured daughters when they needed it most

DYNAMITE DAD #2_frame_1366.jpg
Jack Woodson of Alexander, a News 13 Dynamite Dad finalist. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

If you're looking for a man to sing his own praises, Jack Woodson of Alexander is not your guy.

"I've got four daughters, and I try to do what I've got to do," says Woodson, one of News 13's three finalists for Dynamite Dad.

Mr. Woodson insists he's not so dynamite, really.

"No, I wouldn't think that," he told News 13. "I wouldn't say that. Just a dad and that's it, try to take care of them."

His daughter Ann says what the 89-year-old doesn't say speaks volumes.

"He's really modest," she explained. "Dad spent his entire life centered around taking care of my sick siblings."

Jack devoted himself to his daughters when they needed him most, whether it was during Jackie's cancer battle or Linda's struggle with asthma.

"Both she and Jackie are avid readers, and that's because dad sat when they were sick, rocked her and read. Rocked and read," Ann recalls.

"Well, I just like to take care of them and proud to have them," Woodson says.

His daughter Pat is intellectually disabled. He's been her caregiver for 63 years.

After his wife Jane died of lung cancer in 2004, Woodson has made sure Pat is taken care of.

"Dad never had anything for himself," Ann wrote of her father in her nomination letter for Dynamite Dad. "And today, at 89, you're still the caretaker for my sister Pat. That's why I think he's a very special dad."

As you've probably gathered, Jack's not one to pat himself on the back.

"I don't think I deserve it, but my daughter sure thinks so," he says.

Leave it to loved ones to reveal how dynamite their dad really is.

"Thank you," he tells Ann.

"You're welcome. You deserve every bit and more," she replies.

We'll meet one more finalist on Thursday and announce the Dynamite Dad winner Friday at 5:30 p.m. on News 13.

The Dynamite Dad gets a prize package including gift cards from Nevada Bob's Gold and World of Clothing, as well as a recliner from Carolina Furniture Concepts.