Main Street in Brevard gets extra sidewalk space to help restaurants

Main Street in Brevard gets extra sidewalk space
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Restaurants reopening in downtown Brevard received a helping hand from the city.

City workers are creating extra sidewalk space on two blocks along Main Street and one block along South Broad Street. The extra space will allow restaurants and merchants to expand sidewalk seating out to the street.

The parallel parking spaces in the street have become extra pedestrian space, and the fence will keep walkers safe from traffic.

“It’s all been very positive. We sought out the Heart of Brevard, which is our downtown main street program, it's our downtown merchants association, and they came back to us overwhelmingly saying, ‘Yes, let's do this,'” mayor Jimmy Harris said.

Harris said the loss of parking and the fence along the street is temporary. He estimated it will stay up for two to three weeks.