'I'm worried for my life': Man says he was robbed at gunpoint in River Arts District

Photo credit: WLOS staff

A Buncombe County man is recovering after he was robbed at gunpoint.

"I'm worried for my life,” Matt Curless said.

Curless says that early Monday morning, he was heading downtown when he noticed a black SUV driving aggressively behind him.

"So, I try to let him go by me and pull to the right, but he doesn't want to go around me," Curless said.

He circled the River Arts District roundabout multiple times, hoping the SUV would drive off. Instead, the driver forced him to pull over.

"They sped up in front of me and blocked me in spots that look like they are for parallel parking,” Curless said.

That's when he said a group of men got out of the SUV, assaulted him and pulled out a gun.

"I felt a cold metal on my neck and someone telling me in a very stern voice, 'I'm going to blow your head off if you don't get out of the car,'” Curless said.

He said he grabbed two cellphones from the passenger side of the SUV.

"I take off running, shaking and crying. I was crying bad," Curless said.

He said he ran toward the bridge on Haywood Road, called 911 and hid until police arrived.

"I've never had a gun pointed at me like that before, and I'm thankful to have my life, for sure,” Curless said.

He said the suspects took his vehicle and everything in it.

Curless said police told him his car was found earlier Monday night.