'My gut feeling is there's a lot more to the story': Friends of Brooke Tollie speak

Brooke Tollie (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Friends of a Marion woman who was found dead believe there's more to investigate after a man was charged with hiding her body.

Deputies say Brooke Tollie, 24, was found dead on June 5 after being reported missing for nearly a month.

Investigators say Norris Westall, 46, took Tollie's body to a construction site in Bostic and buried her. Westall told investigators he and Tollie were at his home in May when she died.

Westall is charged with concealment of human remains.

"My stomach dropped. I didn't want to believe it," Courtney Riddle recalled of hearing the news her friend had died. "I still don't. I feel like she's going to walk through the door any minute."

"My gut feeling is there's a lot more to the story and a lot more to be investigated, and I don't think it's a cut and dry situation," Becky Lewis, another friend of Tollie's, said of the case.

Riddle said she confronted Westall when she learned he was the last person to see Tollie.

"I said, 'If you don't know who I am, you're going to,'" Riddle recalled. "And he said, 'You all are going to be sorry when she walks through the door, and she's OK.'"

Friends say Tollie struggled with addiction.

Authorities say an autopsy report showed no blunt trauma.

However, the cause of death is still unknown and is pending the outcome of toxicology testing -- which may take weeks to return.