Narrow bridge dangerous for truckers, Fletcher residents say

P-FLETCHER BRIDGE HIT.transfer_frame_3034.jpg
Surveillance video of Lindsey Loop Road shows tractor trailers struggling to make it over the bridge. (Photo credit:{ }Thomas Humpal)

Fletcher residents are concerned about the safety of truck drivers who pass over a narrow bridge on Lindsey Loop Road in Fletcher.

The Department of Transportation said it has had to repair damage to the bridge at least twice this past year.

“You can see how many times it’s been fixed,” Fletcher resident Thomas Humpal said.

Humpal, who owns the property looking over the bridge, set up surveillance cameras once he started noticing the damage.

“I run it 24 hours,” Humpal said. “[If] I see something, I go back on the video and I find it.”

The latest incident happened Thursday morning when drivers spent several minutes maneuvering their trucks over the bridge. Both trucks scraped the guardrails in the process.

“They won’t back up,” Humpal said. “It’s too hard to back up, so they crash right through.”

Humpal is worried one day a driver will take too wide of a turn and plummet down the side of the creek.

“That’s what I am afraid of. You see that passage is,” Humpal said while pointing at the creek. “It will crush a car.”

He reached out to News 13 for help. We got him in touch with Department of Transportation spokesman David Uchiyama.

“If they could just extend this bridge somehow another 10 feet, then they could easily go around this thing,” Humpal said.

DOT said engineers will be out to assess the bridge Friday and schedule safety repairs as soon as possible.