Neighborhood Eats: Flat Rock Wood Room

Flat Rock Wood Room in Henderson County (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

If we've learned anything through our Neighborhood Eats travels it's that barbecue is a way of life in the mountains.

Flat Rock Wood Room in Henderson County hits all the marks of a good barbecue joint. In fact, some loyal customers say it's one of the best spots in the state.

"We have family that comes from Indiana, and we've come multiple times, like, three nights in a row, because the menu is so good. They wanted other items," customer Alice Brunk said.

This might be one of those places where the secret isn't in the sauce. Owner Jamie Guay said his Memphis-style barbecue is cooked slowly and doesn't require much sauce on it.

"I guess, too, with the pork, it's always best to try it alone, because that way you can tell if it's really good smoked pork," customer Randy Brunk said.

But barbecue aside, Flat Rock Wood Room is doing much more than feeding the locals. Guay volunteers with Operation BBQ Relief, bringing food to victims and volunteers in disaster situations.

"It is a non-profit organization that whenever there is a disaster, they want to come in with very large pieces of equipment, semis. They have organizations that sponsor the food, and then we go in there as volunteers and actually feed the displaced and volunteers," he explained.

Guay said he just got back from Wilmington, North Carolina where he helped thousands of Hurricane Florence victims.

"There's tears, literally," he described. "You get people that cry. It's very gratifying."

It's just one of the reasons customers keep coming back to Flat Rock Wood Room again and again.

"It's a wonderful thing to know that they're so generous with their time and their product," Kathy, a customer said.

Flat Rock Wood Room is located at 1501 Greenville Highway in Hendersonville. Visit their website to see hours of operation and their menu.