Sheriff: Man shot after showing up with gasoline & a baseball bat at ex's house

Image credit: MGN

A Rutherford County man has been charged after police say he violated a domestic protection order and showed up at his ex-girlfriends home with a baseball bat and container of gasoline.

Investigators say, in the early morning hours of Monday, August 7th, 2017, Joshua Cuthbertson went to his ex-girlfriends home.

Cuthbertson was aware that a “Domestic Protection Order” had been issued, stating he was to have no contact with his ex-girlfriend, nor could he be at her residence.

Cuthbertson waited outside for the individuals at the residence, with him he brought a container of gasoline and a baseball bat.

As animals alerted of something outside, Keith Self came out of the residence to check why the animals were barking.

Mr. Self-smelled the strong odor of gasoline at his vehicle and went to investigate. Mr. Self-discovered Cuthbertson hiding behind his vehicle.

At which time an altercation pursued. Cuthbertson attacked Mr. Self with the baseball bat hitting Mr. Self-multiple times in the head.

Cuthbertson was fired upon in self-defense by Mr. Self while the attack occurred.

Mr. Self reportedly rendered first aid to Cuthbertson after the altercation until emergency personnel could arrive.

Cuthbertson was transported to Spartanburg Regional for the treatment of multiple gunshot wounds.

Cuthbertson has been charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to kill and Violation of a Protection Order.