Students at Mountain Sun Community School march for climate change

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Mountain Sun Community School students in Brevard marched out of class at noon Friday. (Photo credit: WLOS)

Kids around the world are taking part in walkouts calling for action on climate change.

More than 120 demonstration took place from Australia to Sweden to Washington, D.C., including walkouts here in the mountains.

Mountain Sun Community School students in Brevard marched out of class at noon Friday.

Two students there led the charge after being inspired by the TED talk by Greta Thunberg.

As the group started their 1.3-mile march to the Transylvania County courthouse, they raised their signs in the air and began to chant their hearts out.

Leading the way was 6th-grader Max Posnock.

"We want to stop climate change and we think it's very important to stop it, because we think it's a big issue in this world," Posnock said.

By Posnock's side was his classmate, Noah Brown. The two may be young, but as the saying goes: Sometimes age is just a number.

"We want people to recognize that climate change is a big deal, and that government people should know about it to make laws to change it," added Posnock.

As the students finally make their way to the steps of the courthouse, the chanting didn't stop.

It only got louder, and their message was even clearer.

"Since the adults aren't doing anything, I think the kids have to do something. We have to do something," said Noah.

For everyone who drove or walked by, the students handed them a yellow flyer.

"They have the email addresses, phone numbers and addresses of representatives, so we're asking people to write and call the representatives to tell them to do something about climate change," said Brown.

They're small but mighty, and hoping to make a change for their future.

"It makes me feel important," Noah said.

"It's pretty powerful when you see what kids can do," said Becky Langerman, an upper elementary lead teacher.

Both Noah and Max are working with the Dogwood Alliance to show the film "Burned" for free to the community.

That will happen on April 26 at the Transylvania County Library.