Asheville woman stunned by Valentine's Day serenade in hospital lobby

Valentine's Day serenade
Jim Davis, who is in the hospital, arranged for his wife Barbara to get a special note and to be serenaded by Land of Sky Chorus. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Hospitals aren't usually thought of as romantic settings. These days, most expressions of affection are in Valentine’s Day cards sitting in the gift shop.

Turns out, love is in the air, even in a sterile environment.

“He arranged it all? Oh, my good gracious,” said Barbara Davis, who got a special note and a whole lot more from husband Jim.

“For 63 wonderful, wonderful years, we've traveled hither and yon, but there are still places to go and things to do,” she read.

That made her Valentine’s Day.

Then, her soulmate made the rest of us look bad by doing even more.

"Happy Valentine's Day!” said Pete Kirchner, of Land of Sky Chorus.

Their four quartets have done 30 singing telegrams to celebrate the loving holiday.

He and his fellow singers sang “You had a Dream” and “Heart of My Heart,” and Barbara never saw it coming.

“Oh, totally surprised, I had no idea. I mean, my husband is a patient here right now, so this is a total surprise,” she said.

Last year, Jim was diagnosed with bladder cancer. So, a procedure to remove malignant tumors was scheduled for Feb. 14 .

“Even though he’s going through this, I was what was on his mind and to make sure it was a happy Valentine’s,” Barbara said.

It was a special serenade for Jim’s heart and soul. Barbara wiped away tears during the performance.

That was a pretty serious gesture for a man with a wicked sense of humor.

“And he says he’s been happily married for 40 and that’s not a bad average out of 63,” Barbara said with a laugh.

After his procedure, Jim explained his heartwarming motivation.

“Well, we’re joined together at the waist. We’ve done everything together down through the years, and we have just had the perfect marriage,“ Jim said.

”So, let’s get on the road and travel a little bit more as we love each other more and more,” Barbara said, reading the end of her husband's card.

Just when his wife thought his words said it all, leave it to a barbershop quartet to amplify Jim’s message of love.

“Yes, he does like to surprise me," she said with a laugh. "And he’s a tremendous husband, father, a grandfather."