Western Carolina University ID cards will not be accepted when it's time to vote

The State Board of Elections says identification cards at a dozen UNC campuses don't comply with the voter ID law. (Image credit: MGN)

Identification cards for students at a dozen University of North Carolina system schools, including Western Carolina, fell short of qualifications set in state law to comply with a new photo voter identification requirement next year.

The State Board of Elections announced late Friday which ID cards for universities, community colleges, American Indian tribes and government agencies meet security standards set in the law.

ID cards for students, employees or both at more than 70 such institutions were approved. But cards at 12 UNC campuses weren't approved including those for students and employees at the system's flagship campus, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Current law said the institutions that fell short can't get their cards approved again until 2021. Some lawmakers have suggested Friday's original deadline could be extended.