WNC shelter packed after Rutherford County animal abuse arrest

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Seventy animals ended up at the Rutherford County Animal Shelter earlier in the week after an arrest and seizure in the county. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

More than four dozen animals were in limbo at the Rutherford County Animal Shelter on Thursday.

Seventy animals ended up there earlier in the week after an arrest and seizure in the county.

Nearly 50 remained there as of Thursday, and the rest were either under veterinary care or with foster families.

“It’s bad when a case (like this) happens, that we get an influx at one time,” James Kilgo, animal control director for Rutherford County, said.

There was an influx at the shelter on Monday.

“Thirty-two cats, 32 dogs, three hens, two roosters and a pig,” Kilgo said.

Two women were also arrested at their home in Forest City, a mother and daughter, hit with multiple charges including two felony counts each of killing an animal by starvation.

Some animals found on the property were being evaluated.

“They range in conditions. We have one or two at the vet’s now, we have some here that we’re monitoring each day,” Kilgo said.

Kilgo said the animals were waiting for the day where they could get the OK and be sent on the their way to a forever home.

“We will monitor the health of the animals for the next two weeks or so, then we’ll seek rescues, adoptions, whatever,” Kilgo said.

In the meantime, Kilgo said, the community was really stepping up in helping those animals move forward.

“Donations have been strong. We’ve had dog food, dog bowls, crates, blankets towels, dog treats, medicines, flea treatment, all that coming in,” Kilgo said.

Staff and volunteers were still looking for help and were in need of cleaning supplies, like laundry detergent to wash blankets and towels.