Boy gets Christmas surprise, learns family wants to adopt him in viral video

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Boy gets Christmas surprise, learns family wants to adopt him (Courtesy: Carter Wyles family)

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) - In a video watched by millions of people on Twitter, Carter Wyles, 11, is seen opening his final Christmas gift while being surrounded by family members outside Lancaster.

Inside, he finds a picture frame and note.

"This is our most recent picture of our family," Carter reads in the video, "All of us would love for you to be in the next picture and to be part of our family...our...would you like to be a Kiphart and be our son and brother?"

Carter starts to cry as family hugs him. It's the moment he learns his aunt, uncle and all his cousins want to adopt him.

"For me it was emotional," he said.

The family talked with ABC6/FOX28 about the moment filled with hugs and tears.

"The adoption process for an outside family was starting and that was a really, really hard thing for us to accept, and know that this might have been the last time that we were ever going to see Carter," said aunt Leah Kiphart, "(We) felt that it was really important for us to keep him in the family."

So, they put together the Christmas surprise.

"It feels awesome," said Carter.

All the attention online has been unexpected.

"It made me feel good that other people can my happiness and my family's happiness," said Carter.

His family said they just wanted to share their good news.

"A lot of people talk about how lucky he is," said Kiphart, "We are just as fortunate to have him join our family. He is a good, good kid."

She said they have contacted an attorney to get the process started. It's early, but they hope to get him enrolled in their local school district.

They believe Carter will fit right in to their blended family.


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