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Chipotle opening its first 'digital-only' restaurant

Chipotle opening its first-ever 'digital-only' restaurant (Photo: Chipotle)

HIGHLAND FALLS, N.Y. (SBG) – Chipotle is opening its first-ever "digital-only" restaurant.

The chain says the "Chipotle Digital Kitchen" is located in Highland Falls, New York and caters to pickup and delivery orders only.

Guests are required to order in advance, as it does not feature a dining room or service queue. According to the press release, orders will be picked up from a lobby that's designed to include all the sounds and kitchen views of a normal Chipotle location.

Customers who are looking to place large catering orders can pick those up in a separate lobby with its own entrance.

Chipotle says the goal of this new prototype is to allow the chain to set up shop in more urban areas that wouldn't support full-size restaurants and provide flexibility for future locations.

The new digital restaurant opens its doors this Saturday, Nov. 14.