Homeowners mystified when large chunks of yellow ice fall onto their roofs

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Homeowners mystified as large chunks of yellow ice fall onto their roofs (Courtesy: Edwards Family)

MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Homeowners have never seen anything like it: large chunks of yellow ice on their roofs.

“We were here watching tv, the cat was on the couch with us, all the sudden we hear a big loud thud on the roof,” Pat Edwards said.

Pat and Chuck Edwards darted outside Monday afternoon, checking the roof of their Vandalia home.

“She says, 'Oh my god, what's that on my roof',” Chuck said.

It was yellow ice, which was confusing to say the least.

“There's no big enough animal to get on that roof and do that,” Pat said.

So, where did it come from?

“I thought it was something that fell from a plane since we're right by the airport,” Pat said.

20 miles away in Kettering, it happened at another house.

“Honestly I thought it was a big tree branch, it was loud,” Kathy said.

Her neighbors also heard something hit their homes.

Kathy called a roofer, who says the ice may have come from a furnace chimney.

So FOX 45 asked Logan’s A/C and heat services to check the Edwards house. Bob Conry said the vents can cause condensation and form ice, but nothing like the chunks.

“As far as the yellow ice, I’ve never seen yellow ice or been called for yellow ice,” Conry said.

Next FOX 45's Nathan Edwards called local police, but got the same answer.

What about the plane theory?

The FAA is investigating a similar case in Chicago. The Dayton Airport and Wright Patt said there's no proof the ice came from aircraft.

So we called airline experts, who are also stumped.

“We can chalk this up as an unsolved mystery,” Conry said.

There's got to be an answer right?

What about the weather?

“To be honest with you, I don't know the possibilities are endless,” FOX 45's Chief Meteorologist Jamie Simpson said.

The Edwards family remain curious, but won't lose sleep over the mystery.

“When have you ever seen yellow ice on a roof, you just don't see that,” Pat said.

FOX 45 is going to take this yellow ice to a testing lab, hoping they can help us solve the mystery.