Robin Richardson found guilty of voluntary manslaughter in 2015 shooting

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Photo credit: WLOS Staff

A jury of 12 members has returned a verdict of guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the first-degree murder case of Robin Richardson.

Richardson shot and killed her boyfriend, WLOS employee Tim Fry, in December 2015.

After the verdict was read the only reaction from Richardson was a couple of nods of her head.

Richardson was sentenced to six to eight years in prison, minus the time she has already served.

During the trial, the district attorney and his team argued Richardson deliberately and intentionally fired five shots, the first one either a warning or a miss, as she struck Fry four times in his chest killing him.

Prosecutors say the evidence indicates he was on the ground the last three shots.

Jurors had the option to find Richardson guilty of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter or determine she is not guilty.

During the trial, Richardson's team cited self-defense as the reason why she killed Fry, claiming that he was abusive, violent and forced her to participate in unwanted sexual acts. Her attorneys also claim she thought he had a gun and he was coming toward her.

“As Timothy Fry closed in on her that Friday evening, Dec. 11, 2015, Robin saw the shotgun and took the only option she had left," Defense Attorney Kerry Glasoe-Grant said. "She chose to defend herself, and she chose to survive."

Prosecutors say, in the couple of hours worth of body cam video in which Richardson says a lot, she never said Fry had a gun as the reason she shot and killed him.

Richardson's defense recapped by saying law enforcement already made up their minds after she said she shot him, calling it a “half-baked investigation,” and that when she tried to tell them she had to kill him, investigators didn’t hear her voice.

However, right before jurors were sent off to deliberate, District Attorney Todd Williams dropped a bombshell, playing audio he says gives Richardson’s real reason for shooting and killing Fry. “I shot my baby. He told me he wanted me to go. He said, 'Go away.' That’s what he said. He didn’t want me anymore... That’s why,” the recording played.