Thanks to Teachers: Chris Semper

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"My Country Tis of Thee" in Latin may sound a little different and off key, but the language is music to the ears of teacher Chris Semper.

"Semper means 'always.' I was born with that name, and that may have been a small part of why I am here," he explains.

The long time Latin teacher at T.C. Roberson High School says he fell in love with the language while a student at Louisiana State University.

Semper adds that Latin, a language some say is dying, is very much alive, and powerful.

"Latin can impact your ability to think. It can impact your vocabulary, your grammar. Roman history can inform our own evolving story. Mythology can help you understand about yourself,"

Semper makes the language real for his students through song, props and games.

"He makes learning fun, which is kind of a challenge for seniors who are ready to be done with school," says senior Emma Halfacre.

Emma nominated Mr. Semper, explaining the Latin she's learning today will help her achieve her career goals.

"I want to go pre med, and the roots of Latin words are all combined with the terminology needed for medical school,"

While Mr. Semper enjoys teaching Latin to the next generation, he says he also learns from his students.

"Latin got me into the classroom, but, it's the students that will really keep you in the classroom. They're very educational. They teach a lot, and young people can have a profound effect on your life," says Chris Semper.