Thanks to Teachers: Josh Alexander

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"What are you talking about? I showered last night.." jokes teacher Josh Alexander, getting a laugh from some of his 8th grade social studies class.

The giggles come before the serious work begins.

It's exam day for these Enka Middle School students.

But, some say they are well prepared, in part, because of their teacher's sense of humor.

"He's just so much fun and super chill, and, like, when you come in to he's class, he's never in a bad mood, which makes it more fun to learn," says student Lauren Wooten

"He tries to use his personality to teach, and he's always trying to be funny," agrees student Jacob Brooks.

"I've learned over the years there's so much more to teaching than just the curriculum, how to be a role model, how to communicate," explains Alexander.

Alexander has been at Enka Middle since 2002.

As the first in his family to go into teaching, he says he's learned being himself is the best way to teach his students.

"I try to be honest with my kids. I try to let my personality come across as I teach."

A personality, student Lauren Wooten says is helping her through middle school and beyond.

"You can tell he's here to help you be successful, and that's what most teachers are here for, but, it really shows with him," Lauren says.