Thanks to Teachers: Michele Turner

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Photo credit: WLOS Staff

The yearbook class at Mitchell High is a tight-knit group.

It's all about attention to detail, to include every student.

"The pages are very important because if you do a wrong misspelled name or you misspell something you don't mean to, and we don't notice it, they'll send it back," says student Summer Culverhouse.

"We have tried really really hard to make sure all the kids are in the yearbook, and that we represent all the different students that are here," says teacher Michele Turner.

When it comes to leading the yearbook staff, teacher Michele turner seems like a veteran, which she is, at the elementary school level.

Turner taught younger kids for nearly 30 years.

But, it's only her second year teaching in high school and taking on the yearbook staff.

Turner says her family made the move to Mitchell to be closer to her daughter, an education major at Appalachian State, and, a source of encouragement.

"She told me, she said, 'Mom, you would be great in high school," Turner recalls. "She said, 'just think of them as the same people you taught in fourth grade, just in bigger bodies."

Culverhouse says she quickly felt comfortable around Turner and noticed how the new high school teacher went out of her way to help students, even those not in her class.

"She's an amazing woman," says Culverhouse, a senior. "She took her period of free time and added a class. She helps everyone she can. She makes everyone feel like they're family."

Turner says the feeling is mutual at Mitchell High.

"This school, these kids are, I have found, to be very loving, very accepting. They were very welcoming of me. The staff here is wonderful."