Thanks to Teachers: Brady Rochford

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Brady Rochford of Francine Delany New School for Children got the surprise she was nominated for this week's 'Thanks to Teachers.'

She was nominated by a parent, Michael LePage. "I just see how much my child respects Brady, and how he's really grown this year, with his writing abilities and his abilities just to be a great person," explains LePage.

Le Page's son Benjamin says his teacher is demanding, in a good way. "That expectation can change based upon what you need, but it's always pushing you to do your best and achieve anything," says the eighth-grader.

Seventh-grader Zoe agrees. "She's amazing. She's so sweet, and she explains, will sit you down and talk about it," Zoe says of her teacher.

Rochford, a teacher for 20 years, says her career began when she saw an interesting ad for a college internship.

"It was with farm workers in rural communities, and it was help with reading, and, I realized I can do that, and I enjoyed it,"

Today, Rochford's class discussed the difference between minimum wage and a living wage.

Le Page says, in addition to learning, Brady Rochford is known for numerous service projects to help the community.

Rochford says that is a huge part of Francine Delany New School for Children's mission:

"Everyone has the right to have access to resources, and to grow."

The popular teacher says she's still growing, and grateful for her Francine Delany family.

"I feel fortunate to get to learn with the students and to build relationships with them," says Rochford.