Thanks to Teachers: Nicole Revis

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Debbie Aly surprises her niece, Nicole Revis, a second grade teacher at Emma Elementary. "You're 'teacher of the week,' she says to Nicole, while handing the teacher a bouquet of flowers.

After the excitement dies down, aunt and niece share memories. "They always played school. She was always the teacher growing up," Debbie says of Nicole and her daughter.

"I had always said I was going to be a teacher from the time I was in Kindergarten and met my first teacher," recalls Revis. "I went back to visit her every year in school until I graduated."

Now that Debbie's daughter is no longer alive, she says depends on Revis's teaching skills.

"I have grandchildren. So, I rely on Nicole to give me ideas on books and learning," Debbie says.

Aunt Debbie says she's seen her niece at work, even when her students are not in class.

"This summer, I see her moving classrooms, and re-decorating. You see her out shopping, and it's always something for the kids," the proud aunt explains.

"It's always about putting the kids first and their needs first. I think that's what makes anybody a good teacher," Revis says.

"She also is nice to everybody and she lets people have fun," says second grader Noah, when asked why he likes Ms. Revis.

Revis, a teacher at Emma for seven years, says they payoff from her job is worth the effort.

"I get these guys," says Revis, as she gestures to her classroom. "They come in with notes, saying they love me, thanking me for being a teacher."

Revis adds Aunt Debbie helped make her the teacher she is today.

"Taught me, along with my own mother, how to care for other people. She does the same thing at her job, making those connections with people."