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Thanks to Teachers: Brian Worley

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Thanks to Teachers: Brian Worley - WLOS

At Avery’s Creek Elementary School, third-grade teacher Brian Worley adds some holiday fun to challenging word problems.

"Your string of Christmas lights has 12 bulbs on it.." Worley says as he begins the word problem. He has his students' attention.

It’s all part of the longtime teacher’s easy-going, fun style of instruction.

But, early on, teaching was not in the equation for Worley.

He worked in both the food services and airline industries.

"I knew that teaching was where I needed to be, so I went back to school at 36, graduated at 40, and have been teaching ever since. So, that’s been almost 15 years," says Worley.

Worley says it wasn’t easy working full time and going back to school as a middle-aged parent, but very much worth it.

"I think you’re called to do certain things," Worley explains. "There’s people that are called to be nurses and firefighters and everything, and, it’s a calling to be a teacher."

A calling his students are glad he answered.

"He’s just so fun," says third-grader Rosie, "And I just like him."

"I love my job and I love coming to work every day. So, I’m going to do it as long as the Lord keeps me healthy, so blessed to be here and love every minute of it," says Brian Worley.

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