Thanks to Teachers: Sarah Floyd

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Sarah Floyd's special education classroom at Clyde Elementary School is all decked out for the holidays.

But, it was a different season, on a hot field trip to a corn maze where parent Jason Smith was most impressed with his son's teacher.

"She was carrying the kids who couldn't get to the different activities on their own," recalls Smith. "She was carrying them and trying to help them be a part of each activity, while at the same time trying to manage all the other kids, mine included."

Floyd, a special ed teacher for nine years, four at Clyde, says the field trip was just part of the job she loves.

"I get to be with the kids for the majority of the day and truly invest in each child, in their personality, to help them just develop and be involved in every part of their education," says Floyd.

Jason's son, Jonah, a 5th grader, is getting in on today's lesson of 'Christmas in Germany'

His parents say he's thriving due to Ms. Floyd. "I just saw a true heart for this population," says Jason Smith.

Floyd, a 4th generation teacher, says she was born to teach.

Her mother also teaches exception children at Clyde.

"Just helping out in her class from time to time, and after school, being in the class for kids with autism, I fell in love with this demographic of kids and knew from an early age I wanted to be a teacher."

Floyd admits the job can be challenging. "You really have to be persistent and study each kid, and be patient with them while they're learning and growing," explains Floyd.

While the students wrap gifts for their family members, at least 2 parents, Jason and Jonah's mom, say Ms. Floyd is one of their biggest gifts this holiday season.