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Thanks to Teachers: Kaylan Evans

Thanks to Teachers: Kaylan Evans
Thanks to Teachers: Kaylan Evans - WLOS

In Kaylan Evans’ fifth-grade math class, at Haywood Christian Academy, shaving cream is a regular part of the equation. Students cover their desks with shaving cream, then write out their math problems with their fingers.

"Long division is not always fun for a lot of kids, but, if we can do it with shaving cream, or we can do it with tally marks or beads or whatever we have, the kids get it," Evans explains.

Evans also used candy canes to teach the students more about long division, giving each kid a candy cane, and doing word problems involving the popular treat.

Evans, a teacher at Haywood Christian Academy for three years, says teaching is in her blood.

Her grandmother taught fifth grade.

"She taught me so many different things, and I guess I wanted to instill that same love of learning in other kids that she kind of did with me."

The students say the sometimes messy, but fun methods of long division make the math problems easier to remember.

"She does it in a fun way that makes it fun for all of us to learn," says fifth-grader Sam.

"She’s a great teacher, and I love her," adds fellow student Lindsey.

"We try to just use a lot of fun to learn, and a lot of joy, and to find joy even in the hard moments. I think that’s important. There’s always going to be those hard moments. But, if we can find joy in them, it’s going to be a little bit easier to keep going," adds Evans.

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