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Thanks to Teachers: Jerri Wommack

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In the middle of the chaos of class change at Cane Creek Middle School, counselor Jerri Wommack gives out hugs, direction, and encouragement.

Wommack, one of Cane Creek's 2 counselors, wouldn't have it any other way.

"I often get from people "ugh, middle school" says Wommack. "I say, 'oh, no, It's the best. (laughs) You have no idea." The kids are fun and exciting and they're trying to figure out boundaries."

Before coming to Cane Creek, Wommack was a counselor at A.C. Reynolds High, focusing on drop out prevention.

Now, in her fifth year at Cane Creek, Wommack says counseling middle school students takes a sense of humor, and more.

"Take things that to us may seem very've got to be able to take them very seriously, because, for some kids, they need to be heard," says Wommack when asked what makes a good middle school counselor.

As the school day winds down, an important part of Wommack's day is ramping up.

She heads up the Cane Creek Ambassadors.

These leaders will help incoming 6th and 7th graders feel welcomed.

"If you're in a new environment, what's something that's made you feel more comfortable, made you want to be a part of things?" Wommack asks a group of ambassadors.

Two of the ambassadors say Wommack's positivity and accessibility have helped them become better friends to their peers.

"I feel really comfortable around her because of how personal she is," says eighth grader Nick. "She will be in the halls, and, because of how outgoing she is, she's just, like, there, and you're like 'whoa, I just want to be around her."

"All her kindness reflects on all of us, and we always feel better," seventh grader Emma explains. "Like, when I see her down the halls or just hear her voice, it just makes me smile."