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Thanks to Teachers: Rachael Fowler

Thanks to Teachers: Rachael Fowler

There were hugs, flowers and a bit of emotion, as Melissa Perry surprised her daughter's Kindergarten teacher at Lake Lure Classical Academy.

"I nominated you for teacher of the week," Perry tells Rachael Fowler while handing her a small potted plant with a flower.

"There was one day my child got on the bus and she was crying," remembers Perry. "I really didn't know why, but I reached out to Ms. Fowler and I told her."

Perry says Rachael Fowler talked with her child, that day, and found out the little girl was sad because she didn't get to hug her mom as she got on the bus that day.

So, the Kindergarten teacher hugged Caroline instead.

"That might not be a big deal to people, but to my child, that made her whole day," recalls Perry.

"She's very nice," says six-year-old Caroline of her teacher. "What does she do that's nice?" she's asked. "Helps me with my work if I forget the directions."

Rachael Fowler has been a teacher for eight years, all at Lake Lure Classical Academy.

Fowler says she's living her childhood dream of being a teacher.

"I had a younger brother I liked to come home and teach and I just never changed my mind. School was one of my favorite places to be, and I was blessed just to have wonderful teachers that inspired me," says Ms. Fowler.

Perry says there's a special art to being a good teacher.

"Someone that actually goes beyond teaching and reaches down to show that child they love that child and that they are there for that child. And, that's what Ms. Fowler does for my child."

Fowler, a mom of two boys says being a parent, herself has helped her become a better teacher.

"I learn to love them. They each have a piece of my heart, just like my own children," she says.