Thanks to Teachers: Dawn Patterson

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Photo credit: WLOS Staff

Whether it's measuring a mustache, dealing with big numbers, or telling time, the learning is happening in Dawn Patterson's 2nd-grade class at Haywood Christian Academy.

"I've just always wanted to be a teacher," Patterson remembers. "My parents own and run a daycare, and I had two inspiring teachers I really wanted to be like, and I had a bad teacher I strive not to be like every day."

But, parent, Holly Clackett says the fact that Patterson is also learning from her students makes her stand out. "My son received a note from her that told him she enjoyed learning new non-fiction facts everyday from him," says Clackett. "So, that made him feel special. And she was able to let him know he teaches her as well, and that makes an exceptional teacher."

"Whenever she teaches, she makes all the work fun, and lets us build stuff," comments seven-year-old Colton.

Patterson says working in a Christian school enables her to teach her twelve 2nd-graders with faith. "Yesterday, we had a little girl who needed to get an x-ray and her guinea pig died, So, we were able to stop in the middle of the class and pray for her," Patterson explains. "That helps her, brings comfort to her and the rest of the class."

And love.

"In class, that's what we do. We love our neighbor. When we disagree, which we do, we still love our neighbor," states Patterson.

Faith and love, Patterson hopes will ultimately lead to a lifelong love of learning.

"When they can come to class and be themselves, and feel comfortable standing in front of the class or sharing, and they go home and have a great day, that's what I strive for," says Patterson.

"I think she's a really good teacher, like, the best teacher in the world," adds Colton.