Thanks to Teachers: Erika Gutierrez

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Erika Gutierrez' second grade class from Glen Arden Elementary School celebrated Earth Day by Zoom meeting.

Each student showed off their Earth Day-themed hat, explaining all the materials that went into making it.

Gutierrez' Spanish Immersion class is fun, but, not always easy.

"We try, even when it's hard," says one student.

"I like knowing two languages so I can communicate with people who don't know English," says student Bento.

"My most favorite thing that I get to speak two languages is I can travel to different places and know what other people are saying, so I can understand better," adds classmate Hudson.

"It's said the limit of one language is the limit of one world," states Gutierrez.

Gutierrez, from Bogota, Colombia, says she knew she wanted to become a teacher her first year in college.

"What a privilege it is to share with other people my first language and to learn more from other people who speak a different language than me," she says.

This is Erika Gutierrez' third year at Glen Arden.

She wraps up Earth Day with students sharing their plans to plant a tree or a garden.

The class ends with the kids rocking out to a favorite Colombian singer.