Thanks to Teachers: Christine Seropian

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Thanks to Teachers: Christine Seropian (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Kindergarten teacher Christine Seropian says she misses her classroom at Atkinson Elementary School. But, she's making things work, even including a special storytime guest.

These days, the kitchen table is Christine Seropian's office.

It's time to get to work recording lessons for her 17 Kindergarten students on Flipgrid.

Today's lesson is blending letters to help the students form words and ultimately read.

She is also able to critique some of her students' reading, as well, as she listens to a recording one of her students sent back to her.

"I've just always loved that feeling of empowering others, and seeing them grow and just be so excited," says Seropian when asked what she loves about teaching.

Storytime brings a treat that the kids couldn't enjoy at school, Seropian's Doberman, Zeus, crawling into her lap as she reads a story to the kids online.

Seropian says during this time of virtual learning she's seen all of her students' pets, and they are used to seeing Zeus on a regular basis during storytime.

Christine Seropian says her grandmother, a much-loved teacher, was a role model.

Seropian has been a teacher for five years, three of them at Atkinson Elementary.

She wraps up each online class with a big hug with her students.

"These kids are so resilient. And, we are such a strong community, and so close-knit that we still feel connected and engaged, and we're learning still," says Seropian.