Thanks to Teachers: Holly Jones

Thanks to Teachers: Holly Jones
Thanks to Teachers: Holly Jones

Normally, Holly Jones teaches math class, at Rosman High. However, these times are anything but normal. You can say the same thing about Jones' new classroom.

In the parking lot of Brevard Animal Hospital, Holly Jones sets her laptop on top on one of the dog crates in her vehicle, and proceeds to hold math class in the back of her car....grading assignments, and answering online questions from a student having trouble accessing today's video.

Little J.J. keeps her company. "He's a sweet boy...yes, you are," says Holly, as she holds the small dog.

Jones, who cares for her elderly mother, runs an animal rescue, and fosters, knew online learning from her home would be a challenge

"Whenever I'm at home, it's constantly, 'let the dogs out, let the dogs in, something for my mother, whether it's preparing for a meal or just answering a question. I found myself being very unproductive," explains Jones.

But, with the shelter comes numerous vet appointments, where Jones has to wait outside.

She quickly discovered it was a great opportunity to get work done.

"I was able to do online meetings. I was able to schedule work for students. I was able to grade papers, completely undistracted. Then I was able to do home and devote my time and attention to the things that were needed at home," says Jones.

Holly Jones has taught Math at Rosman High for 13 years.

So, she's used to her student's questions like, "when am I ever going to use this in real life?' which is a comment us math teachers laugh about constantly and get a little perturbed over, too" laughs Jones.

And loves having an impact on their lives, even if it takes a while for them to realize it.

"They come back and say, 'you know, I really have used this in real life, and it is important."

Most of all, Jones says, during this time, the students have inspired her to think and teach outside the box, or in this case, right outside of her car.

"They've had to reach deep. They've had to be critical thinkers, and they've had to be self-starters, and, a lot of times they've had to take care of siblings at home. They've extended themselves, and I'm super proud of that," states Jones.