Thanks to Teachers: Angie Young

Thanks to Teachers: Angie Young
Even during Spring Break, Child Nutrition Manager Angie Young makes sure students at Sugarloaf Elementary get the proper sustenance to keep going during the day. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Even while Henderson County Public Schools were on Spring Break, the hard work continued at Sugarloaf Elementary, for Child Nutrition Manager Angie Young and her fellow cafeteria workers and bus drivers.

Two and a half hours- that's all the time Young and her staff have to prepare more than a thousand meals.

“Yesterday, we served 509 breakfasts and 509 lunches," Young said. "Like I said, that's three times the amount of what we would do on a normal school day."

By the time News 13 arrived at 7:45, lunches of barbeque sandwiches, fruit and milk, were underway.

Young and her staff don't stop moving.

“We have to have everything cooked, bagged and ready to go by 9,” explains Young.

So the first bus, driven by Young's husband Wes, can make its way into surrounding neighborhoods, dropping off food to Sugarloaf students, and some students from nearby schools.

“We have the ability right now to continue to work, and by doing that, as long as God gives me the health and the willpower to get up and come to work, we do it,” says Young.

She says the hustle is worth it because they are feeding growing minds.

“Kids can't learn, kids can't grow unless they have full tummies," Young says. "That's what we're doing. We're providing the service for them, so they can continue to grow and to flourish while all this pandemic is going on.”