Thanks to Teachers: Dawn Crudup

Thanks to Teachers: Dawn Crudup

After a brief break, News 13 is bringing back 'Thanks to Teachers,' featuring faculty and staff making an impact during this challenging time.

At Oakley Elementary, Teacher's Assistant Dawn Crudup is a big part of the school's feeding program. They provide meals, breakfasts and lunches for people in the Fairview community. And, Dawn says, there's nothing she would rather be doing.

It’s the end of a long day for Dawn Crudup and cafeteria workers at Oakley Elementary.

They've been here since before six-thirty a-m, first preparing and giving out breakfast, and now, lunch.

Crudup says sometimes they give out 60-70 meals within an hour for students at Oakley and nearby schools.

Crudup is also a bus driver, who makes food deliveries to parts of the neighborhood.

She's been at Oakley for about a year and says it's important to stay connected to the students and their families.

“Just being able to speak to them and see them smile, just to give them a few seconds of what would typically be part of their normal day,” says Crudup

“It means a lot for me, and I think it means a lot for other kids who may not even have a meal at home as well.” says Debbie Hensley, as she picked up meals for the students in her family “And, it keeps us close to our school, faculty, and we just appreciate everything they do.”

In addition to her work at Oakley, Dawn Crudup also works with the Autism Society.

If you know of a teacher doing a fantastic job during these tough times, you can nominate them for Thanks to Teachers here!