Madison Co. duo's fishing success helps make up for what could have been on baseball field

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Russell Moore and Ransom Boone, of Madison County, reeled in a huge win at the Fishing League Worldwide High School competition in Virginia. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Whatever you do, don't call them big fisherman in a small pond.

Russell Moore and Ransom Boone of Madison County reeled in a huge win under the intense pressure of competition. At the Fishing League Worldwide High School competition in Virginia, they brought five bass to the scale with a weight of 17 pounds, 13 ounces, and finished first.

"When you're just going out and fishing, if you lose one it's just one lost fish, you can catch another one," Moore explained.

"Every fish matters when you're fishing a tournament," Ransom added.

The team advanced to the FLW High School World Finals and National Championship this weekend.

They leave Friday morning for the event in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

"I started throwing a jig and he started throwing like a topwater frog," says Moore, explaining their approach. "And that kind of goes back to him fishing fast and me fishing slow and it just started working."

"We didn't get many bites while we were there," Boone told News 13. "But the ones we did get were always big fish so it seemed like that was going to work for us, and it did on tournament day."

This victory feels like a home run, after all, that's happened since the pandemic changed everything.

"With all this going on, it's not like a total bust I guess," Moore said.

Both of them had big hopes for their Madison High baseball team, but COVID left them wondering what could have been during their senior year.

"As a team, we all knew we had a chance to go to Raleigh and compete for a state title and that hurt when it got taken away from us," Boone said.

It's not a state baseball championship, but their success in fishing means a lot to a community that desperately needs something to root for.

Considering all they've missed out on, this is a fish tale they'll never forget; and all of it's true.

"It relieved some stress, kind of in that sense," says Boone. "It made us feel better about the scenario that we're in and it made us feel like things are getting back to normal again."