WISE Sports Radio host Pat Ryan gearing up for renewed fight with cancer

WISE Sports Radio host Pat Ryan is entering his second round of chemotherapy as he battles stage 4 colon cancer (WLOS Staff).PNG
WISE Sports Radio host Pat Ryan is entering his second round of chemotherapy as he battles stage 4 colon cancer (WLOS Staff).PNG

(WLOS) Tune into 1310 AM between 3:00pm and 6:00pm any given weekday and you'll hear the jovial voice of Pat Ryan. Some times laughing, some times impassioned, some times inquisitive Pat Ryan carries a level of energy most normal humans can only hope to achieve.

You could listen for weeks or months and never realize that Ryan is battling stage 4 colon cancer.


"Treatment has come a long way and I think sometimes there's a perception that if you're on chemotherapy it's just going to wipe you out," Ryan explained. "I get tired, especially in the COVID world of sports. It's kind of a double whammy, but so far I've been able to kind of put that aside and it hasn't really impacted me."

The diagnoses came in September of 2018 and Ryan successfully completed six months of chemotherapy treatment. After that he moved to immunotherapy, which he said gave him the chance to live a more normal life. Then earlier this month, he learned the cancer had gotten back to a point where more chemo was necessary.

"It's really putting up a fight to come back, so my doc thinks we have to move now before it's too late," Ryan said.


That means more time off from his daily radio show that's more than fifteen years strong. However, while not medically prescribed, the show also rejuvenates him.

"It's a big factor in dealing with cancer," Ryan grinned. "I've got so many great contributors that do so much in this community for the sports world. Coming into those contributors every day, Charlie Metcalf and Mike Gore filling in with me, it's made it a lot easier."

Only Pat Ryan could make you think this road is easy. He still causes a ruckus with area coaches, still pushes the buttons of local media members in a fun way, and still calls for a better world around us. But now he must do it while facing his biggest opponent yet again.

"It was just a stark reminder that, 'Hey it's still there and it can rear its ugly head,'" he admitted. "My biggest fear is just waking up one morning and my stomach's not feeling right; that's not a good sign. So, you know I just persevere through it, just kind of put my blinders on, do the show, and deal with everything else afterwards."


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