Hillcrest Rams vs. Dorman Cavaliers, 09-02-16

Hillcrest Rams vs. Dorman Cavaliers, 09-02-16 on WMYA My40.

FRIDAY NIGHT RIVALS -- In week one of our featured Friday Night Rivals, we're featuring two teams trying to make a stand for the season!

The Dorman Cavaliers football team has started the season out on a bit of a low note, losing their first game to Bob Jones by a score of 35-14 and their second game, to Northwestern, by a score on 42-28.

The Hillcrest Rams team is only one game in on the season but is already down, losing their first game at home to rival school Mauldin by a score of 34-22.

One of these teams will come out on top, starting, what they hope to be, the beginning of a strong season!

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