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Tim Moffitt shoots down accusations he doesn't live in Henderson County

Rep. Tim Moffitt shoots down accusations he doesn't live in Henderson County
Former Buncombe County state representative Tim Moffit is now running for NC House of Representatives District 117, which represents Henderson County. He says although he does have a property in Buncombe County still, he lives in Henderson County full-time. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Former Buncombe County state representative Tim Moffit is now running for office in Henderson County. But his opponent is accusing him of still living in Asheville.

Moffitt, who replaced Chuck McGrady after he resigned from his seat on the state's House of Representatives District 117 just weeks ago, spent two hours on Friday explaining the reason he uses his Buncombe County address for mailing and campaign purposes.

His opponent, Democratic candidate Josh Remillard, said he’s had questions raised from residents on why Moffitt doesn’t use his Henderson County address for state campaign filings and business related to the race.

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“Once we received some of the concerns from within the community of Henderson County, my campaign manager, he did his due diligence," Remillard said. "They don’t believe him to actually be living here."

Moffitt was at his Buncombe County property on Friday, where he said he does spend time staying in a three-story home he worked on. He said he comes to the property that has office space to take care of business dealings and also spend time caring for his father who’s in his 80's and has Parkinson’s. But he said he wants to make it clear the Asheville address is not his primary residence.

“All of my mail is centrally located at this address,” Moffitt said. “Because this is where I typically pay the bills." The South Asheville address is listed on multiple filings, including campaign filings for his run for NC House of Representatives District 117.

“My property in Bearwallow is property I purchased in 2017,” said Moffitt of the two homes on the land in Henderson County. Moffitt went with News 13 to the site which is a remote location down a gravel road that spurs off from the popular Beawallow Mountain trailhead.

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“We call this Bearwallow Mountain Ranch," he explained. "This on the right is our eight-bedroom lodge and and when this is rented-out, we live up here in a three-bedroom cabin. I’ve been living there since March of 2018. I probably spend 28 to 29 nights a month on Bear Wallow.”

State law says a candidate must live in the county they're running in.

“I guess what’s odd for me is if your primary residence is here, then why would anyone ever send all their mail to a separate address in a completely different county?" Remillard posed the question on Friday.

“I see this as nothing more than a last-minute attempt from my opponent, who’s desperately behind in the polls, to score cheap points," Moffitt countered.

Moffitt also showed News 13 the vehicles he has registered in Henderson County. He filled out his candidacy form, putting his Henderson County address and has voted three times in the the county since 2018.

Moffitt said he’s confident in an upcoming victory.