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Thanks to Teachers: Britney Carver

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Thanks to Teachers: Britney Carver - WLOS

In Britney Carver’s first grade class at Greenlee Primary School, students learn about the phases of matter through popsicles.

It’s all part of ‘Ice Cream Week’ where students are also using the sweet treats in math and reading.

Before ‘Ice Cream Week,’ Carver’s class had ‘Beach Week’ "More or less had sand everywhere, like we were at the beach, asking them to bring in a beach towel," recalls parent Matthew Grindstaff.

Before Beach Week, there was ‘Camping Week.’ "The kids haven’t got to go a lot of places since Covid, so, we’ve just tried to bring it to them," explains Carver.

"She is nice to us and she lets us do fun things," says Grindstaff's son Canaan.

Canaan’s parents say Ms. Carver’s weekly adventures have enabled their son to have a fun first-grade year, despite the pandemic.

"We’ve never heard one thing about masks, about being 6 ft apart, because he doesn’t think about those things," says Canaan's mom Katy. "She makes it normal and she makes it fun."

And, there’s real learning going on.

"He was telling us all about these ocean animals, ones I had never even heard of. He was telling me about the life expectancy, things that I’m like, ‘what 6 year old knows this?" says Katy.

Carver, a teacher at Greenlee Primary for seven years, says teaching has always been her calling.

"I made my mind up at the beginning of the year that we were just going to be a family this year. We were just going to try to show each other as much love and respect as we can, and the teaching just kind of comes," says Carver.

"We just think her for being the best teacher in the world during these crazy times," says Matthew Grindstaff.

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