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Thanks to Teachers: Britney Clubb

Thanks to Teachers: Britney Clubb
Thanks to Teachers: Britney Clubb

Taking laps around the football field has become a daily activity for many of Owen High School’s staff, including counselor Buck Tanner.

"I think it’s been good for comradery. We’ve split everyone up into different teams, so it’s a little bit of a challenge for the teams to get the most steps in during the week," states Tanner.

The counselor says the staff is also communicating with each other more now, which is a good thing.

"It makes you more engaged," says math teacher Britney Clubb. "We always focus on getting our students moving, in the classroom, or at home, so we wanted to do that for our teachers."

Clubb is one of the leaders of Owen High’s culture climate committee, designed to create a positive experience for the students and staff.

This year, Clubb and fellow committee members added the wellness program.

"During the first week, our teachers broke three million steps. That is.let me do the math there, one thousand, seven hundred miles. That is a lot!" says Clubb.

The climate committee is also working on connecting on a more personal level with students.

"We’re doing senior shout-outs for our seniors because this is a very unique senior year for them, and just trying to get on a personal level with our students even though they’re only this big (Clubb puts her hands in a small square) on the screen," explains Clubb.

That means a lot to students like Ellery, a senior, who says she can always count on Ms. Clubb to help her out.

"Whenever I have a question or am confused about the assignment, I can just email her and she’ll respond super quick, with a video or just a quick lesson, showing me how to do it," says the senior.

Clubb says when the weather turns cold, expect to see more teachers walking the halls, and meeting in the gym for a basketball challenge.

"Just making sure everyone is happy to be here at work, at least for our faculty, healthy and happy to be here," says Clubb.

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