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Thanks to Teachers: Leslie Huff

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Thanks to Teachers: Leslie Huff - (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

At Weaverville Elementary School, fourth-grade teacher Leslie Huff has been teaching her students about the heart.

Some say Ms. Huff has the perfect heart to help her students excel.

"Your heart makes at least 100 thousand heartbeats every day," states a cartoon heart-shaped character in a classroom video.

It’s time for lessons on the heart, both literally

After the video, Ms. Huff questions her students. "What is it (the heart) bringing in?" "Blood," states the class.

"And what is it pushing back out? More blood," states the teacher.

The student students are also learning about the figurative meaning of a good heart, by studying the lives of Ann Frank, Clara Barton and Helen Keller.

Leslie Huff has been teaching at Weaverville Elementary for 5 years.

"It’s important that your heart is with the kids and you have to be courageous every day. You have to be willing to give of yourself when you don’t feel like it some time," states Leslie Huff.

Huff was nominated for ‘Thanks to Teachers’ by a teacher's assistant who saw Huff’s heart on full display every day in the classroom.

"I like that she’s very kind and she’s very helpful to us," states 9-year-old student Michelle. "And, she really tries to explain her best when we don’t get it."

"She’s kind, and she helps students out when they need help," adds classmate Jace.

Huff, a daughter of a teacher, says she always wanted to teach.

Her own kindergarten teacher also inspired her.

"Just seeing how much she loved her kids and seeing what a need there was in the community, that’s what made me decide to become a teacher," Huff recalls.

Now at least one of Huff’s students seems to have the heart to follow in her teacher’s footsteps.

"Be a teacher, too, and help my kids like she is," says Michelle when asked about her future goals.

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