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Thanks to Teachers: Wendy Jensen

Thanks to Teachers: Wendy Jensen
Thanks to Teachers: Wendy Jensen (WLOS)

At the Nesbitt Discovery Academy, Wendy Jensen has been a guidance counselor here for four years. Today, she was surprised by one of her seniors, a senior who says she helped him through some major life issues.

Matthew Lowman and Wendy Jensen share a nearly four-year journey.

Jensen began working at Nesbitt Lowman’s freshman year.

"When they come in as freshmen, then you see them as seniors, and, they’re ready to go out into the world," says Jensen.

The two also shared some rough times, that went beyond the typical teen drama.

"My sophomore year, a couple of my close friends had passed away in a car accident, and, that was pretty rough for me personally," Matthew explains.

Lowman says Jensen provided the space and counsel to get him through that tough loss.

But, the junior year had its own set of challenges.

"My junior year, I was starting to slip with my grades, and I wasn’t, was having a hard time keeping up with my classes. She had organized all my teachers together in a conference, so we could try to get back on track," says Matthew.

"I think what’s really special and important, and part of the reason I do my job is, you know, providing a space for people to breathe and process what’s going on," says Jensen.

Today, Jensen zooms with some college-bound seniors, checking in where they are on the application process.

Thanks to Ms. Jensen, Matthew says he’s now on track for a bright future and fulfilling career.

"ll be going to AB Tech. I’m hopefully planning to major in cybersecurity, which is something I’ve taken a recent interest in," says Matthew.

"Young people hold a lot of value, so to get to see them get through these tough times and go through their journey with them, yeah, that’s priceless," states Jensen.

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